Wine Bar Definition

To add your wine bar, please submit the following form. We have several packages available and will send a complete media kit. Please read our requirements below.






CLASSIC wine bar– A stand-alone venue that has:
1. A minimum of 20 selections of wine or champagne available by the glass;
2. A minimum of 100 wines available by the bottle;
3. Food service is only small plates and must include bar seating;
4. Dining area cannot be part of a full service restaurant;
5. Dining area cannot have tablecloths.


BISTRO wine bar – A CLASSIC wine bar integrated with bistro or café.
Includes bistro menu and food service, but no tablecloths.


RESTAURANT wine bar – A full services restaurant with a CLASSIC wine bar area.
If a wine bar that meets CLASSIC requirements but also offers or is attached to a full food service restaurant then their listing will be identified with a special flag or icon.


TRADITIONAL wine bar — This is more than the CLASSIC definition above. It is the true or pristine wine bar is usually a smaller and informal venue than what is presented in the US marketplace. One of the classic definitions – typically in Europe– is the small very focused wine bar that rotates offerings from specific vineyards and has local recipes (plat du jour) to match.