Cafe Tibet - Berkeley

  • Chicken Momo

    Chicken Momo

  • Tsel-chul Momo (tofu)

    Tsel-chul Momo (tofu)

  • Sha-bhak-leb (Beef)

    Sha-bhak-leb (Beef)

  • Sha-bhak-leb (Vegetarian)

    Sha-bhak-leb (Vegetarian)

  • Luk-sha She-dre (Lamb Curry)

    Luk-sha She-dre (Lamb Curry)

  • Then-thuk (amdo Special) (Chicken)

    Then-thuk (amdo Special) (Chicken)

  • Dholooma Kamngoe (Eggplant Chips)

    Dholooma Kamngoe (Eggplant Chips)

  • Broccoli, Carrots And Cauliflower

    Broccoli, Carrots And Cauliflower

  • Dhooloma Sha-Tsel

    Dhooloma Sha-Tsel

  • Sha-tak (lhasa Special) (Beef)

    Sha-tak (lhasa Special) (Beef)

  • Lab-sha Daikon (Beef)

    Lab-sha Daikon (Beef)

  • Then-thuk (amdo Special) (Beef)

    Then-thuk (amdo Special) (Beef)

Place Category: Gluten Free, Organic, and TibetanPlace Tags: Chef Owned and Operated

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