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Monday - Friday
April to October
11:30am - 5:00pm

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5:00pm - 10:00pm

5:00pm - 11:00pm

Saturday & Sunday
11:30am - 11:00am

SAMPLE DINNER MENU rev 12/30/2007
Menu is subject to change

Raw bar each
selected oysters (blackboard) market
woodbury's special littlenecks 1.75
cape cod cherrystone clams 1.50
cherrystone seviche 7.00
cocktail shrimp, you peel ‘em 1.75
cocktail shrimp, we peel ‘em 2.00
snap & eat jonah crab claws 2.25
chilled split lobster half market
oyster shooter with chilled stoli 7.00

tower of power
for 2 or more – 8 oysters, 8 littlenecks,
4 shrimp & 4 crab claws 38.00
with 2 split lobster halves 60.00

starters & snacks each

native steamers 1 lb 10.50 / 2 lb 20.00
mussels with wine,garlis & herbs or fra diavolo 9.00
grilled clams, garlic butter (6) 9.50
ipswich fried clams & other crispy fried seafood appetizers next page
sweet corn fritters with maple syrup 6.50
tuna tartare with peppered flatbread 9.00
grilled eggplant with red onions, cherry tomatoes & imported feta 8.00
ginger & chile chicken wings 8.50

soup & chowder

creamy clam chowder cup 4.50 bowl 9.00
bermuda fish & crab chowder cup 4.50 bowl 9.00

quarts of chowder to go 20.00

salads each
shack coleslaw 3.00
all-american potato salad 3.00
cucumber, iceberg and red onion 4.50
mixed greens 5.50
classic waldorf salad with apples & walnuts 6.00
chopped greek salad - romaine, olives, red onion, cucumber, tomato & feta 8.00
vietnamese salad with maine shrimp, cabbage & peanuts 9.50

fish & shellfish
We buy fresh fish and shellfish every day & offer them as grilled specials (or baked or sautéed)..

wood grilled seafood:
daily specials are matched with appropriate sauces or relish - specials are listed on the

jerked fish - coated with an authentic, very spicy jamaican jerk rub and cooked slowly over the wood grill - choose any of the grilled fish off the blackboard for the same price.

be good to yourself special: chefs choice of a grilled fish that is high in omega 3 acids – 6 oz. portion with salad and brown rice- (meets guidelines for diabetics, zone diet & other healthy diets).......... market

old-fashioned cod cakes with beans 14.00

pan seared wild salmon on a warm salad with red potatoes & sweet peas 21.00

boston scrod - shack style 18.00

"shack bouillabaisse" - provencal style seafood stew with lobster, mussels, clams, squid & two fish (1rich, 1lean) in a fennel, tomato & saffron broth. served with rice.....26.00

fried seafood
dinners are served with coleslaw & fries
starter / dinner
whole belly ipswich clams 10.50 / 22.00
oysters in cornbread crums 8.00 / 17.00
florida rock shrimp 9.50 / 20.00
R.I. style calamari (spicy & greasy) or plain with red sauce 7.50 / 16.00
beer battered native fish and chips / 15.00
fresh sea scallops / 22.00

meat & poultry each
jasper's fried chicken
4 pieces with a scoop of potato salad 12.00
individual pieces 2.75

wood grilled delmonico staek with cabernet jus, grilled onions and mashed 26.00

wood grilled NY sirloin steak with herb butter, grilled sweet onions & new potatoes 25.00

marinated & grilled steak tips, fries 17.00

franks, beans & brown bread 11.00

shack surf & turf
grilled & marinated shrimp and steak tips, with french fries......22.00

live lobster
we feature hard shell canadian & maine lobsters. all lobsters are market price (see the blackboard) & are served with corn on the cob unless othrwis specified.

lobster in the rough, steamed steamed lobsters are a new england favorite and are priced lower than specialty (big bucks) lobsters

smashing crabs!
chesapeake style steamed crabs with "old bay" every wednesday and sometimes thursday
crab species vary
alaskan king crab legs
1 1/2 lb - kettle steamed
served with lemon and drawn butter...36.00

big bucks lobster market price
wood grilled lobster (1½ or 2 lb)

jasper's pan roased lobster (1½ lb.)

summer shack clam bake
lobster (1 1/4 lb), mussels, clams, corn, potatos, egg & chorizo..... market

served with pickles and fries

summer shack corn dog 5.00
pearl kountry klub jumbo dog 5.00
with sauerkraut 6.00
kid's burger with cheese 5.00
grilled cheddar cheese & tomato sandwich 6.00
black angus steak burger with blue or cheddar 9.50
fried fish sandwich 9.00
fried clam roll 13.00
maine shrimp salad roll 11.00
lobster roll 20.00

side orders
corn on the cob 2.75
broccoli rabes - garlic & hot pepper 5.50
autumn whipped squash 4.50
daily vegetable 4.50
boston baked beans 4.50
grilled brown bread 3.00
white or brown rice 3.00
shells with cheese 5.00
french fries 2.50
large 4.50
creamy mashed potatoes 4.50
platter of autumn vegetables......14.00

freshly baked pie 9 blackboard) 5.00
indian pudding with soft serve 5.00
shack banana foster 6.50
caramelized pear upside-down cake 6.00
walk away sundae (hot fudge or caramel sauce) 5.00
soft serve ice cream cone vanilla, chocolate or swirl 3.00
summer shack ice cream cakes
dark chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream for birthdays and other celebrations
6 inch......15.00 / 10 inch........30.00

* priority seating is available for parties of eight or more - call ahead.
* a gratuity of 18% will be added automatically to parties of 8 or more.
* please tell us of your allergies or dietary requirements before you order.
* autographed cookbooks, t-shirts, hats and other fun stuff for sale in the shack.
* gift certificates available – ask your server.

all prices and items are subject to changes
summer shack is available for private clambakes & celebrations every day &