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South Beach

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Noon to 3:00 p.m. Monday - Friday

Dinner Daily
6:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m.

Shoji Dinner Menu


edamame: steamed soy beans with sea salt 5.50
shishito: japanese pepper with sea salt 5.50
shoji oyster shooter: sake, ponzu, quail egg, chile 4.50
curried tempura oysters: (5) apricot dipping sauce 12
steamed alaskan black cod: sesame broth, enoki mushrooms, scallions and cilantro 11
tuna tataki: oven dried tomato, scallion, ponzu sauce 10
toro Carpaccio: seared with garlic sauce and fresh hearts of palm salad 17
tuna tartare: masago, scallion, white shoyu wasabi sauce, cassava cracker 10
yellowtail tartare: wasabi tobiko, scallion, white shoyu wasabi sauce, cassava cracker 10
toro tartare: wasabi tobiko, white shoyu wasabi sauce, cassava cracker 17
salmon tartare: salmon roe, pickled ginger, shiso, garlic sauce, cassava cracker 9
grilled skirt steak: enoki mushrooms, scallion, soy-lime vinaigrette
9 (supersize) 17
fresh crispy calamari: wasabi mayo 9
shin’s crispy noodles: creamy salmon or hamachi 10
kushiyaki: 3 skewers grilled to order
chicken 4 beef 5 shrimp 7 combination 5


miso: tofu, shiitake, spinach 5
oyster miso: softly poached oysters 8
spicy seafood: enoki mushroom, cilantro 8.5


shoji salad: field greens & tomato with miso dressing or ginger dressing 5
shoji sashimi salad: field greens, tomato, shoyu garlic dressing 9.5
wakame salad: 4 kinds of seaweed with sesame dressing 6
crispy scallop salad: field greens, mango, orange, cilantro, avocado, sesame – citrus dressing 9
fresh hearts of palm salad: miso dressing 8

served with your traditional dipping sauce

vegetable 9.50
lobster & vegetable 18.50
shrimp & vegetable 15.50

all entrees served with rice or stir fried vegetables

chilean sea bass misoyaki: miso marinated, pan seared, Japanese cucumbers, crispy parsnips 22
citrus mahi mahi: grilled, soy-citrus butter sauce 21
yellowfin tuna: seared rare w/scallion vinaigrette & crispy shitake 21
crispy yellowtail snapper: deep fried whole snapper, citrus garlic soy 25
chicken "paillard": free range panko crusted, spicy red chile sauce 19
chicken teriyaki: "shin style", homemade teriyaki sauce, grilled Japanese mushroom salad 18
skirt steak: grilled, sweet soy marinated, choice of dipping sauces 18
maine lobster: steamed or grilled, choice of dipping sauces 23
salmon: steamed or grilled, choice of dipping sauces 19

Rice and Vegetables

vegetables are prepared steamed or stir fry * tofu is extra 1.50
asparagus 7
spinach 5
brown rice 4
shitake 7
broccoli 5
steamed rice 4
eggplant 5
crispy tofu 4.5
carrot 5
asst vegetable 6

Sushi and Sashimi
by the piece

tuna 3.5
eel 3.5
crab stick 2.5
blue fin tuna mp
scallop 4
sea urchin 4.5
toro mp
atlantic fluke 3.5
octopus 3
sweet shrimp 4
shrimp 3.5
hamachi 4
salmon 3
masago 3
king crab 4.5
albacore 3
mackerel 3
maine lobster 5
tomago 3
quail egg 1 each

Shin's Special Box Sushi
from the oldest, most traditional sushi making method

salmon: shiso, kombu, avocado, masago 12
rainbow: shrimp, tuna, eel, salmon, yellowtail, avocado & masago 14
eel: dried shiitake & gourd, sansho powder, eel sauce 12
special vegetable: spinach, shiitake burdock, sesame seeds, kombu, hearts of palm, shiso mayo 11

2 pieces per order

tuna: apple, avocado, red onion, sesame oil & ponzu 11
snapper: sake, citrus, sweet peppers, red onion, cilantro & masago 9
hamachi: avocado, daikon, tomato, shiso & ponzu 11
salmon: ginger, cucumber, Chinese mustard, lemon & salmon egg 9
scallop: mango, jalapeno, pickled red onion, wasabi tobiko 10
ceviche sampler: a smaller portion of four 22

Special Platters
Chef's Selection

sushi: 7 piece sushi & 1 roll 23.50
sushi deluxe: 10 piece sushi & 1 roll 29.50
sashimi: 9 piece 21.50
sashimi deluxe: 12 piece 28.50
sushi & sashimi combination: 5 pc sashimi, 3pc sushi & 1 roll 25.50
sushi & ceviche combination: 3pc sushi, 1 roll & an order of 2 different ceviches 21.50
sashimi & ceviche combination: 5 pc sashimi & an order of 2 different ceviches 21.50
sushi, sashimi & ceviche: 3pc sushi, 1 roll, 5 pc sashimi & ceviches 31.50

Sushi Rolls
spicy roll or masago add $1 ea.
for avocado, cucumber, asparagus, daikon sprout, burdock,

Special Sushi Rolls
california: crab stick, avocado, cucumber 6.50
california king: made with alaskan king crab 11.50
crispy shrimp: avocado, sprouts, masago, eel sauce 10.50
ninja roll: crispy seafood spring roll, masago, kimchi & eel sauce 8.50
vegetable deluxe: hearts of palm, burdock, cucumber, avocado, shiitake, sprouts & shiso 9
caribbean: tempura conch, avocado, mango, hearts of palm, Badal’s really hot sauce 10
dragon: crispy shrimp, eel, avocado, mayo, sprouts, eel sauce 13
rainbow: crab stick, tuna, salmon, avocado, eel, hamachi, shrimp, snapper 13
spider: crispy soft shell crab, avocado, masago & sprouts 12
spicy lobster: mango, avocado, shiso, sprouts & masago 14
shoji special: tempura lobster, shishito, cilantro, masago, avocado, kimchi mayo 15
hamachi jalapeno: tempura lobster, shishito, cilantro, masago, avocado, kimchi mayo 10
spicy tuna roll: avocado, burdock, sprouts, chili mayo 10
spicy salmon: avocado, sprouts, chili mayo 9
tuna tempura: avocado, sprouts, spicy mayo, eel sauce 11
citrus salmon: avocado, masago, konbu, yuzu chili paste & lemon zest 12
sunday morning: cured salmon, cream cheese, avocado & red onion 11