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Restaurant BT Menu


Fresh Rolls
steamed prawns, noodles, lettuce, mixed herbs and peanut sauce 6.95

Spring Rolls
pork, chicken, tree ear mushrooms, glass noodles and chili garlic dipping sauce 6.95

Vegetarian Crispy Spring Rolls
taro root, jicama, tofu, glass noodles and soy sauce 6.95

Tuna Sashimi
ginger, chili, sesame oil, garlic and roasted shallots 9.95

Norwegian Smoked Salmon
sweet onions, capers, crème fraiche and herb toast 10.95

Roasted Sea Eel
ponzu, rice wine, sesame seeds on chilled cucumber salad 7.95

Spicy Squid Salad
aromatic herbs, limejuice, chili, organic onions and cilantro 6.95

Escargots Crepe
garlic butter, cream, thyme and sherry sauce 8.95

Shrimp Crepe
garlic butter, cream, chives, white wine sauce 8.95

Prawn Mousse on Sugar Cane
with tamarind dipping sauce 8.95

Pate du Jour
cornichons, pickled radishes, Dijon mustard and herb toast 10.95

Chili Chicken Salad
ginger, chili, garlic, organic herbs, peanuts and roasted shallots 7.95

Vegetarian Samosas
with carrots, potatoes, mushrooms, edamame, garam masala and fennel seeds 6.95

Bo Tai Chanh
finely sliced Filet Mignon, limejuice, chili, ginger, fresh herbs, peanuts & roasted shallots 9.95

Grilled Beef Roulade
lemongrass, cinnamon, turmeric in la lot leaves with tamarind sauce 8.95

Spicy Pork Salad
ginger, chili, onions, peanuts, limejuice and cabbage leaves 7.95

Baby Lamb Spare Ribs
braised in rice wine, garlic, star anise and tamarind sauce 9.95

Vegetarian Pumpkin Soup
coconut milk, vegetable broth, galangal, peanuts and onions 6.95

Crème D’Asperges
puree of fresh asparagus with herbs, white wine and cream 7.95

Soupe aux Legumes
chicken, diced carrots, potatoes, celery, onion, leeks with cilantro 6.95


Fresh Herb Salad
organic baby greens, mixed herbs with sesame vinaigrette 6.95

Vietnamese Cabbage Salad
carrots, onions, mixed herbs, peanuts, shallots, ginger vinaigrette 6.95

Salade de Cresson
micro baby watercress, sweet onions, imported French blue cheese
fresh strawberry and Champagne vinaigrette 8.95

Green Papaya Salad
carrots, onions, peanuts and rao ram in chili lime vinaigrette 7.50

Lotus Stem Salad
carrots, onions, mixed herbs, peanuts, chili lime vinaigrette 7.50

Salade Mélange
organic baby greens, mango, grape tomatoes, French goat cheese
blood orange, Dijon and Champagne vinaigrette 8.95

entrées - salads

Ginger Prawns on Herb Salad 20.95

Sesame Chicken on Herb Salad 16.95

Seared Salmon on Herb Salad 18.95

Chili Chicken on Herb Salad 15.95

Herb Salad – organic mixed greens, micro arugula, Swiss chard, watercress, mixed herbs, bean sprouts sesame vinaigrette with roasted shallots and sesame seeds

entrées - land

Shaken Beef
cubed Filet Mignon, seared in Cognac on watercress and grape tomatoes with jasmine rice 20.95

Filet Mignon
wild mushrooms, veal reduction, red wine sauce, organic seasonal vegetables, roasted potatoes 26.95

Bo Tai Chanh
finely sliced Filet Mignon, limejuice, chili, fresh herbs, ginger, peanuts with jasmine rice 19.95

Pork Loin
port wine sauce, roasted potatoes, organic seasonal vegetables 18.95

Lamb Stew
taro root, carrots, onions, five spice, red wine, cardamom seeds, French baguette 18.95

Spicy Chicken
hoisin, chili, ginger & garlic sauce with cucumber slices and lemongrass infused rice 16.95

Lemongrass Chicken
galangal, bay leaves, ginger, turmeric, onions, jasmine white rice 16.95

Sesame Chicken
sesame cream sauce, organic seasonal vegetables, lemongrass infused rice 17.95

Chicken Curry Stew
batata root, carrots, potatoes, lemongrass, coconut broth, French baguette 16.95

Duck in Mango Sauce
sliced duck breast, organic seasonal vegetables, lemongrass infused rice 19.95

Aromatic Duck
pineapple, sugar snap peas, star anise, five spice, soy, sesame seeds, green onions 19.95

entrées - sea

Langoustines a la BT
jumbo prawns grilled on sugar cane, haricots verts and coconut sticky rice 22.95

Seared Salmon
dill and white wine sauce, organic seasonal vegetables, lemongrass infused rice 18.95

Baked Sea Bass
tomato, pineapple, fresh herbs, ginger, rice wine, haricots verts, lemongrass infused rice 23.95

Hot Pepper Squid,
snap peas, carrots, scallions, chili paste and jasmine steamed rice 17.95

Ginger Prawns
ginger, garlic, soy sauce, palm sugar, seasonal organic vegetables and lemongrass rice 20.95

Curry Scallops
jumbo sea scallops braised in coconut curry, bok choy, coconut scented sticky rice 22.95

Tuna Sashimi
Big Eyed tuna with a pungent sauce of ginger & fresh herbs with cucumber salad & jasmine rice 22.95

entrées - vegetarian

Stuffed Tofu
organic tofu pouches filled with tree ear mushrooms, lily buds, taro root, tomatoes and
glass noodles with pineapple tomato and ginger sauce, cucumber salad, steamed jasmine white rice 16.95

Monk’s Ragout
tofu, bamboo shoots, black mushrooms, baby corn, carrots, snap peas, jasmine rice 16.95

Vegetarian Curry
organic tofu, bok choy, bamboo shoots, carrots, green onions in coconut broth, jasmine rice 16.95

Tofu Hot Pot
daikon radish, wild mushrooms, carrots, onions braised in young coconut, galangal
and miso broth with steamed jasmine white rice 16.95

please advise your server of any dietary considerations
for your convenience a service charge of 18% will be added to parties of five or more

$5.00 supplement for split entrées

BT Nguyen-Batley – Chef/Proprietor

RESTAURANT BT dedicated to and inspired by Trina Nguyen-Batley & James Van Batley www. restaurantbt. com