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Mambo Grill Dinner Menu

APERITIVOS (Appetizers)

Traditional Chips and Salsa 3.95
tri-color corn tortilla chips with salsa del arbol

Guacamole 6.95
with tri-color corn tortilla chips & salsa del arbol

Pollo Empanada Panama Style 9.95
Turnovers stuffed with sauteed chickensautÈed chicken, Chihuahua cheese, cilantro, onions & tomatoes

Vegetale Empanada 8.95
Flaky turnovers stuffed with roasted corn, mushrooms, onionsroasted corn, mushrooms, onions, cheese & cilantro and served with jalapeÒo tomato salsa and guacamole on the side

Shrimp and Avacado Coctel 10.95
Four chilled tiger shrimp served with a Latin cocktail sauce in an avocado boat

Dominican Bombas de Camarones 8.50
Fried croquettes croquettes croquettes made from potatopotato & stuffed with shrimpshrimp, chipotle peppers, cilantro, and shrimp, served with pineapple mango salsa

Tiritas 6.95
Fried calamari calamari served with jalapeno sauce & mambo tartar

Mariquitas 5.95
Crispy plantain chipsplantain chipsplantain chips with pineapple mango salsa and black bean sauce for dipping

Ceviche de la Casa 9.95
House specialty of marinated seafood and vegetables marinated seafood and vegetables changing daily

Brazilian Steak Kabobs 7.95
Four Four marinated skirt steak and pineapple skewers marinated skirt steak and pineapple skewers marinated skirt steak and pineapple skewers grilled and served over our Brazilian salsa

Hongo Relleno 6.95
Sauteed portabella cap portabella cap portabella cap layered with a mushroom mix, pico de gallo, salsa del arbol, sweet corn salsa, and Chihuahua cheese

Taquito De Pollo 6.95
Crisp rolled chicken tacochicken tacochicken taco served with poblano cream and pico de gallo


Ensalada Mambo 5.50 with chicken 7.95
Crunchy lettuce, jicama and plantain chips with cilantro honey vinaigrette

Chopped Salad 7.95
with Mambo marinated chicken & diablo sauce with tri-color corn tortilla chips

Caesar Salad 5.50
with jalapeno croutons in a creamy lemon dressing
with chicken 7.95 with calamari 8.95

Latin Cobb Ensalada 6.95
Chopped iceberg & romaine lettuce with roasted corn & red peppers, jicama, black beans and avocado with mojo de mango rum vinaigrette

Ensalada de Aguacate y Mango 6.95
Avocado, ripe mango slices, red onion over baby greens and drizzled with a citrus vinaigrette

Ensalda Salmon 10.95
Grilled salmon filet served atop of mixed field greens, jicama, red onion & tomato and drizzled with a honey cilantro dressing

Ensalada de Palmitos with Citrus Vinaigrette 6.95
Hearts of palm marinated in a citrus vinaigrette, nestled on baby greens and roasted red peppers

Ensalada de Nopalitos 7.50
Tender cactus with tomato, onion, jalapeno peppers, cilantro, lime juice and olive oil over baby greens sprinkled with farmerís cheese

SOPA (Soups) cup / bowl

Sopa de Frijoles 2.95 / 3.95
Cuban black bean soup garnished with sour cream and tortilla chips

Sopa de Tortilla 2.95 / 3.95
Chicken, tomato and golden fried tortillas pureed & garnished with diced chicken, chopped cilantro and onions

DE EL LADO (On the side)

Arroz con Frijoles Negro 2.95
Black beans and rice

Papas Fritas with Chimichurri sauce 2.95
Thin potato fries served with chimichurri sauce

Plantanos Maduros 3.50
Sweet plantains sauteed in butter, brown sugar and honey

Mambo Mashed Potatoes 2.95
Jalapeno and garlic mashed potatoes

Boniato Gratin 4.50
Cuban sweet potatoes mashed & baked with seasoned bread crumbs

Sweet Potato Puree 3.95
with cinnamon, butter and a touch of cream


Vegetarian Paella 14.95
Roasted seasonal fruits & vegetables baked in a saffron infused rice

Chili Rellenos 11.95
Mild Anaheim pepper Anaheim pepper stuffed with three cheeses & portabella mushrooms over roasted sweet corn and tomatillo salsa

Vegetale Grilleados 12.95
Grilled vegetable medley of portabella mushrooms, eggplant, onion, red and green peppers, mango and pineapple and served with chimichurri sauce

MARISCOS (Seafood)

Moqueca de Camaron 15.95
A Brazilian recipe of shrimpshrimpshrimp sauteed with poblano and jalapeno peppers, onions, tomatoes, cilantro, lime juice and coconut milk served over coconut rice

Plantain Crusted Halibut 18.95
Marinated halibut encrusted with crushed plantain chips & served over sweet potato puree with a mild jalapeno cream sauce.

Coconut-Curried Tilapia 17.95
Fresh tilapiatilapiatilapia with a touch of Brazil; marinated in garlic, lime juice and olive oil with fresh herbs then gently sautÈed and topped with a sauce of onion, garlic, green and red peppers, tomato, cilantro, curry & coconut milk served with coconut rice

Caribbean Barbecued Salmon
Marinated salmon salmon in a smoky citrus sauce with jalapeno garlic mashed potato & pineapple salsa

Mambo Combo Paella 16.95
Chicken breast, pork loin, mussels, shrimp and calamari all roasted in a saffron infused rice

POLLOS y CARNES (Chicken and Meat)

Guava Glazed Pollo 15.95
Tender young roasted chicroasted chicken with a Cuban flair that is marinated in a guava glaze and served with coconut rice & roasted corn salsa

Pan-Seared Chicken 12.95
Cornmeal crusted chicken breast chicken breast served with poblano cream sauce, Mexican rice & guacamole

Pollo con Salsa de Coco y Limon 15.95
Caribbean style slow roasted half chicken roasted half chicken with onion, garlic, jalapeno peppers, tomato, cilantro, coconut milk & lime juice served on rice

Fricassee de Pollo 14.95
Chicken breastChicken breastChicken breast marinated with lime juice, garlic and cumin which is roasted in the same Dominican style stew with onions, peppers, bacon, cilantro, potato, carrots and white wine served with rice

Pollo Pibil 15.95
Marinated breast of chicken breast of chicken breast of chicken with annatto seeds, black peppercorns, cloves, citrus juices and garlic; baked in a banana leaf as in the Yucatan and served with a roasted habanero salsa (mucho caliente) and fried ripe plantains

Chuletas de Cerdo al Limon 17.95
One full pound of pork chopspork chopspork chops grilled to order and served over mashed sweet potatoes

Crispy Roast Pork 12.95
Jalapeno mashed potatoes topped with a crispy roasted pork and surrounded with roasted creamed corn

Costillitas de Cerdo con Guava Barbeque 17.95
This Latin American version features tender baby back ribs baby back ribs slow cooked with fresh herbs and our special guava barbeque sauce served with sweet mashed potatoes

Lomo Horneado con Camote y Cebollas 17.95
Glazed and baked pork loinpork loinpork loin with roasted onion, sweet potato and boniato gratinóCuban styled potatoes mashed, and baked & served with a lemon glaze

Filete de Palomilla 22.95
Tender eight ounce Filet Mignon eight ounce Filet Mignon eight ounce Filet Mignon grilled to order and served with sauteed red onions and jalapeno garlic mashed potatoes

Argentinean Mixed Grill 23.95
Ten ounce Sirloin SteakTen ounce Sirloin SteakTen ounce Sirloin Steak, grilled to order with red and green peppers, onions, portabella mushrooms, mango & eggplant with chimichurri sauce on the side

Carne Asada 15.95
Grilled Skirt Steak Skirt Steak served with rice & black beans, tomato gajillo sauce & guacamole

Tequila Marinated Skirt Steak 15.95
Charcoal grilled and served with skinny malanga and potato fries in a chimichurri sauce